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Hi, I'm Sarthak

A digital problem-solver! I wear many hats- product manager, strategist, no-code developer, designer, marketer… you name it! But at the core, I’m driven by two things: fueling growth for businesses and crafting exceptional user experiences.
In my spare time, you’ll likely find me indulging in my creative side as an artist, getting lost in a good book, or just travelling to different places.



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Satya Gautam

Satya is an Independent Filmmaker who creates advertising films, feature films and documentaries for global brands like Skoda, Bajaj, AU Bank etc.


Exploring & Learning

My journey has been a rollercoaster ride of self-discovery, failures, and successes. Growing up, I was always curious about the world around me. Remember that kid who always had their nose buried in a book, questioning how things worked? Well, that kid is me, and that same curiosity still fuels my passion today, but ……. ……….. ………….